Happiness…it’s a state of mind

My mother has often asked me how it is that I can be so “happy” all of the time.  In all actuality, I’m not, I’m just really good at acting; and, honestly, that really works!

Like many people in this world, I take anti-depressants on a regular basis. This is not a bad thing in the slightest; as a matter of fact, I’m proud of myself for owning up to the fact that I need help (this is not something that comes easily to me).  The way I see it, I could be miserable and not actually live; or, I can live despite the misery.

A friend of mine once said to me that we need to stop living as though we are merely waiting to die and live as though we are dying to live.  This resonated with me at the time and still does today.  We only have so much time here on Earth so why in the world would we want to waste it?

The honest to God truth is that we are the ONLY ones who can control our lives.  Life is not happening to us, we are happening to it.  There is no reason to dwell on what could have or should have been, we need to simply learn from what’s knocked us down and get up once again.  Fight! Be all that you can be and do all that you can do! Live! Feel! Forgive!  There are no excuses!

So, how am I so happy all of the time?  it’s simple, it’s because I CHOOSE to be.


Prof D


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