Vacation and all that jazz

Bermuda1 Bermuda2 Bermuda3

So, as clearly demonstrated in the photos above, I went on vacation.  For the first time in my life, I went on a cruise.  Now mind you, I am not generally a huge fan of the water (I don’t mind looking at it, getting in it creeps me out a little) and I get seasick simply thinking about boats; but, my sister had been bugging me for years to give it a shot.  So, reluctantly, I agreed.

I think my first mistake was choosing a 7 day cruise to be my first experience. Then, my second mistake was going in October (which is apparently crazy ocean waves time- I didn’t know this).  I spent the very first day aboard on the couch in our stateroom, followed by both the second and third days.  Believe me when I tell you, I tried everything;  I had seasick patches, Sea Bands, and Meclizine (kinda like Dramamine on steroids).  No combination of these things seemed to work.  Needless to say, once we docked on Wednesday, and I got off the crazy ocean rocker, I was fine.

I quite enjoyed my time in Bermuda.  The place where our boat docked was actually an old Royal Naval base for Great Britain, so the historical buildings and armory were breathtaking.  We went on one “excursion” to the caves and then to an aquarium/zoo.  The taxi driver who took us, James, was amazing. He told us a so much about the tiny island and it’s fascinating history.  For example, it’s technically British territory (but the Bermudians self govern), residents are only allowed one car per family (it can’t be more than 4 cyl), and it’s an extremely expensive place to live (gas is about $9.00 a gallon at the time).  The caves are absolutely beautiful and the ocean is actually BLUE (the sand is PINK)!  I even got into the water (a little bit anyway).

On Friday afternoon (around 2pm) it was all aboard time to prepare for departure.  This time, I refused to let my seasickness hold me back.  I resigned to have a good time regardless of how I felt; and, I did.  I played Deal or No Deal, participated in a round of Harry Potter Trivia, and watched the staff talent show.  It was a crazy ride, as we were going twice as fast as we did on the way down, and therefore rocking nearly twice as much.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The cruise thing might not be for me (though I’ve yet to throw down a verdict); but; Bermuda, and the experience of it all, just might have been worth it.


Prof D


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