National Chocolate Day and the will power to avoid it?

It’s national chocolate day!  I’m half-happy and half-sad about this.  While I do absolutely love chocolate (one might even call me a chocoholic), I know that it’s not exactly good for me.  Unless, of course, it’s dark chocolate, which I’m told is actually quite good for you (in moderation).  I’m also not one of those people who can have “just a little” to satisfy the itch.  Nope, I’ll go all out.  There’s also the fact that it’s a made up “holiday.”  But, does that really matter?  Would a real chocoholic even care that’s it’s made up?  Probably not and I think that it’s OK.

Last week, while at the beach in Bermuda, my mother commented to me that she noticed that there are probably more over-weight people present than there are skinny people.  Yep, there is! It’s a real problem in America and it all revolves around will power.

I’ve often been told that I could lose the weight that I want to; if I just have the will power to do so.  That’s probably right; but, it is really that easy?  Nope!  As humans in the 21st century, we’re all gun-ho about instant gratification- we have cell phones and the internet to thank for that- and losing weight isn’t instant.  My doctor once said to me, it didn’t take you a day to gain it, did it?  He’s absolutely right, it didn’t; it took years, and that’s probably how long it’ll take to make it go away.  The problem is maintaining the will power and the motivation to keep going- to keep losing- and that’s really hard.  Especially when you toss in make-believe holidays for us to make excuses with.

There’s a big but coming and it’s one that I truly believe in- I think it’s absolutely OK to indulge once in a while.  Everything in moderation, right?  The most important thing in this world is you and your happiness in it, so why not?  So long as you understand that it’s not something you can and should be doing on an everyday basis, I see no harm.

Diet’s don’t work; it’s all about changing our lives and finding the inner strength to make those changes, not about temporary solutions to our bigger problems.  So, on this National Chocolate Day, go ahead, indulge, just remember that tomorrow you can (AND WILL) get back on track!


Prof D.


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