CMA awards, music, and red carpets

Today I wanted to talk a little about a bucket list item of mine, the CMA awards.  One of these days, I’m going to go.  No it’s not going to be because I’ll be up for an award (I can’t sing), nor will it be because I’m presenting (they have absolutely no reason to invite me to present), it’ll be because I WANT TO SEE IT LIVE gosh darn it!

I know the tickets are probably ridiculously priced; and, that’s even if they exist.  Who knows, maybe you need to win your way in. But, you all can mark my words, one day I WILL get in and then I will share all of my experience with all of you (that’s just how I roll!)

For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve been a country music fan. I honestly love them all, from Johnny Cash (a new favorite of mine) to Carrie Underwood and everyone in between; country is just my vibe.  I love the story telling aspect that country music brings.  Sometimes when I listen to those songs, I feel like the artists are speaking directly to me, or about me (depending on how you look at it).  Then, when it comes to those stories, there’s nothing like seeing them live!  There is just something about seeing the emotion of a really good singer that makes the experience of a song complete.  I’ve been to plenty of country music concerts in my days, but I’ve never gotten to experience a concert quite like what is given at the award ceremony.  Something tells me that these performers go all out when they need to perform for each other, so my guess is that it’s a whole new experience.

So, think about me tomorrow when the show airs and remember that someday, and hopefully soon, I’ll be there.  Probably not walking the red carpet or being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, but that’s OK, it’s the music that matters anyway!

Who knows, maybe my boys (Jonathan, Drew, and JD Scott) will take me someday?  Jonathan and Drew are getting their musical feet wet by releasing not one, but TWO, country-pop songs this month.  So maybe they’ll be up for an award next year (or be invited to present); then maybe, just maybe, they’ll go next and take me with them…a girl can dream, right?

I’m not crazy, I promise; my mother had me tested 😉


Prof. D


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