The “No BS” Policy and Why I’ve Adopted It

Last year around this time, I started thinking about New Years Resolutions.  I rarely make them (because I’m not a fan of setting myself up for failure), but, for 2015, I was determined to make at least one thing happen; new year, new me!

Was I successful?  YEP!  I went on a real vacation (2 of them actually) to conquer my fear of leaving home, I stopped drinking soda and have slowly begun the process of eating healthier, and I began walking/running.  But, that’s not all.  I decided that I was going to adopt a “no BS” policy to benefit both myself and those around me.  You see, last year (2014), I had to fire someone who, in my opinion, was a very sweet woman (but a horrible worker).  For years, this woman’s work had been sugar-coated and her ineptitude was left to me to clean it up.  So, I often found myself stewing and then imploding internally from time to time in order to soften her blow.  I made myself sick on several occasions to “save” her.  That’s where “No BS” comes into play.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have no intentions of being a heartless person.  I still struggle daily with my irrational pension to make everybody else happy.  But, I think I have successfully found a happy balance (for me anyway) to make both myself and others happier.  I’ve found that you can say anything you want to people (even stuff that might hurt) and still have it be effective, it’s all in the way you say it.

I vow to NEVER sugar-coat things:  if you ask me for my opinion, be prepared to get an answer you might not want.  The way I see it, it does neither of us any good when you don’t know the truth.

I vow to NEVER lie:  You know the golden rule, right?  Do unto others…  You deserve the truth and so do I.

I vow to ALWAYS be straight forward with you:  If I don’t like something that is transpiring between us, I’ll tell you so that we can fix it and move on.

and lastly, but certainly not least, I vow to be ALWAYS be an open book:  if you want to know something, ask.  I promise I don’t bite.


Prof D.


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