Everything you will ever need/want to know about me!

A former student of mine sent me this on Facebook a few months ago.  It’s directions said to state 25 completely random facts about yourself that not everyone might know.  She specifically sent it to me because she knew that it would be hard for me to pinpoint 25 (random) things about myself.  She was right, it took me nearly 2 months to come up with this “perfect” list.  PS…The directions specifically stated that the first one should be your age (otherwise I wouldn’t have put it in).

1.   I am 36 (almost 37).  11/23 -in case you want to send me a card 🙂

2.   I have 2 college degrees, a state teaching certification, and am a college professor.

3.   I believe in make believe and therefore am a BIG Disney fan.

4.   I am a perfectionist/over achiever (depending who you ask).

5.   I LOVE music, especially Country; but, my favorite song of all time is not a country one (It’s Unchained Melody).

6.   I will read almost anything and I often do.

7.   I write relatively well.

8.   I tend to keep to myself; therefore, not many people truly know me.

9.   I love to sing, even though I’m not great at it.

10.  I love sports, especially baseball and football (NY METS and NY GIANTS!).

11.  “Scoop” has been my nickname for almost 20 years (as an avid reader, I tend to have a lot of useless knowledge).

12.  I am a good listener.

13.  I hate spiders and snakes.

14.  I am claustrophobic and I get motion sickness.

15.  I love to watch ANYTHING on The Food Network or HGTV.

16.  It is because of the above that I consider myself a decent cook! But, I don’t do renos.

17.  I may be “obsessed” with the Scott Brothers (The Property Brothers and their older brother, JD). A girl can dream, right?

18.  I aim to live life to the fullest and am truly excited to learn what the future holds for me.

19.  I am not afraid to make fun of myself/I never take myself seriously.

20.  I am fascinated by magic.

21.  I love my niece and nephews the most in this world and live every day to show them that.

22.  My biggest dream is to teach a class full of students who want to be there.

23.  My dream guy is a man with a desire to learn and explore much like my own; and, who can teach me something.

24.  I believe in second chances.

25.  I am perpetually single and it’s NOT by choice.


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