I was reading my email today and I came across an email from a student who has twice told me that my class is “challenging, but good.”  Today, her email mentioned that I am “a one of a kind.”  She concluded her email with #unicorn, which really got me thinking.

At first I chuckled.  Don’t get me wrong, I get the reference (a unicorn is special); but, it’s the idea that a grown woman would think of such a thing.  And then for her to put the hashtag in front of it was even more hysterical.  Hashtags don’t work in emails!   Of course, I was flattered and said thank you (my mother did teach me good manners after all); but, I HAD to be silly in my response (would you expect anything else)? I ended my email with a hashtag too:  #atleastsomeonelikesme.

Now, the more I think about it, it wasn’t silly after all; it was absolutely true.  In a profession that’s often under appreciated (and often stressful), it’s nice to get recognition from time to time.  I’m not talking about bosses or powers that be, I’m talking about the students; the ones who actually matter in the equation.  I almost always get emails or phone calls from students who have a complaint (or an excuse); but, the ones who make me smile are rare and ones who make me think so much are the true unicorns.

So, to all of you students out there.  Next time you want to email your professor to complain, go ahead. Remember though,  he/she IS a #Unicorn!


Prof D


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