Age is nothing but a number…

Given that today is my birthday, I decided to reflect a bit and tell you all a few of my favorite discoveries of the year.

My mother asked me last night what age bracket (20’s, 30’s, etc) would I stay in if I had the choice.  My teen-aged years were OK and my 20’s sucked (too much lingering adolescent drama); so, without a doubt, I’d have to say my 30’s.  Even more specifically, probably the last year or so.  I feel like this last year has given me SO much, I feel like I’ve truly come into myself.

First, and foremost, I’ve discovered that age is nothing but a number; you’re only as old as you feel, and all that jazz.  Yes, those are cliche, but they’re absolutely true.  One of my former students who follows me on Facebook saw that my birthday was coming up and asked me how old I’m going to be.  Whenever I told her 37 she was shocked.  Apparently, I look much younger and don’t act my age at all.  In my opinion, these are good things. I’m not entirely sure how someone my age is supposed to act; but, I’m a snarky goofball and proud of it.  I “adult” when I have to and not a minute longer.

I made the conscious decision not to care anymore what people think of me. I know who I am and that’s all that matters.

  • I love magic and make believe.  I truly enjoy suspending reality and immersing myself in the “impossible.”
  • I’m a sucker for a good love story.
  • Even though the above is true, I’ll often pretend that this is not the case-because I hate letting people see my vulnerable side.
  • I love to read and research; yes, that may make me nerdy, but I like being well informed.

I also made the decision to take better care of myself, both physically and mentally (if you’re intrigued about the catalyst for these, read some of my other entries as they will explain it all).

  • I’ve DRASTICALLY cut back on my soda intake. I’ll only drink Ginger Ale occasionally and I rarely put sugar in my coffee.  I do, however, drink a lot of iced tea and lemonade, which I promise to work on.  I’m not giving up chocolate though, I firmly believe that chocolate fixes everything.
  • Because I may be a little ADD and therefore find “working-out” a little too tedious for my liking, I’ve begun walking nearly every day for at least 15 minutes and taking the stairs whenever I can.  My goal is to try running more in the warmer months.
  • Mentally, I have begun the process of making myself the most important person in my life.  Because I know life is short, I can no longer allow myself to put other people first all of the time.
  • I smile, even when I’m sad, angry or stressed, because I refuse to live my life upset in any way.  Like I said, life’s too short.

But, most importantly, this year, I finally came to the realization that I don’t think I want to be alone forever. For those of you who may not know, I’d often said that I will never get married, and never have children; that I was far too jaded to ever let myself trust someone that much.   This year, that notion has changed in me.  I realized that I do want a relationship (and maybe kids).  I think I’m finally ready to give someone my heart again.


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