My Grown Up Christmas List…

For the past couple of weeks now, I’ve had writer’s block like crazy. I couldn’t think of anything to write about. My friends Debbie and Shana said that I should write about Christmas. After a bit of thought, I figured I’d do my grown up Christmas list.

1. To quote the song, “No more lives torn apart.” I don’t know what’s going on in our world right now, but the violence has to stop. I hope that in this year we can start to love each other unconditionally.
2. For my mom and dad: I hope you continue to grow happy and healthy together, forever! Thanks for showing me that true love is really possible.
3. For Laura: I hope you hit it big in bingo someday. Even though I pick on you for it, I’m glad you’re not ashamed to do what you love.
4. For Brandon and Nicole: I hope you continue to grow together! Bro, thanks for being my gamer buddy; I love that we have something that we can do, just the two of us.
5. For Jeff and Alyssa: May you raise those two “babies” to be happy and healthy young men! No matter what you both might think, I’m proud of you- you’re doing a great job!
6. For JJ and Jacoby: May Santa (and Gramma) give you all that you want in this new year. Keep being super smart and make sure that you take care of Mommy and Daddy.
7. For AJ and Maddy: May your intelligence get you everywhere you want to go. I am so proud of you!
8. For Stacy and Jack: May you continue to find happiness and love in each other and your family. Thanks for allowing me to be apart of those beautiful kids’ lives.
9. For Craig: I hope you get all of the happiness you deserve and the strength you need to love yourself just the way you are. “Thank you for being a friend” and for encouraging me to follow my dreams.
10. For Debbie and Shana: May the candle Gods bless you with even more success in your candle endeavors next season! Thanks for being my “Carnie” family- I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else.
11. For all of my other friends (and co-workers!): May this next year bring you health and happiness! So many of you have encouraged me to do so much, I pray that I can do the same for you.
12. For all of my students: Past, Present and Future: May you achieve everything that you dream of. Thank you for making me start this blog; I love doing it and apparently, people love reading it.
13. For the rest of my family: I wish you happiness, health and courage. Through thick and thin, I will be there!
14. For JD, Jonathan and Drew: May this next year bring you even more success, happiness and health. Thanks for inspiring me everyday. You may not know it, but you’ve changed my life.
15. For all of my readers: May this next year bring you all of the health and happiness that you can handle! Thank you so much for reading; I do this for you!
16. Lastly, for me: I wish to continue to better myself as a person and to keep entertaining those around me with my words.

Merry Christmas to one and all! May all your dreams come true.


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