I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss psychiatry. I’ve mentioned this before, but I think it’s worth mentioning again before I get into the meat of my beef (Yes, pun intended); I go to a psychiatrist for medication because I suffer a bit from anxiety.

My problem is that I feel like my doctor is merely out for the money, not truly to help me. I have to pay $200 every time I go there (my company has a high deductible plan); and, after YEARS, he still makes me go every month to get my script. I think after all of this time I’ve proven myself to be responsible enough not to misuse the pills. I wouldn’t mind if he were actually taking the time to talk to me when I was there; but, he doesn’t. He shuffles everyone in and out in less than ten minutes. I literally get “how are you doing Stephanie?” To which I respond, “I’m very well, thank you.” Then he follows up with, “OK here’s your script for the month. I’ll see you in four weeks.”

Occasionally, if I have some issue, he’ll talk to me, but only for a minute. For example, I’ve been having a tough time sleeping lately, so when I told him, he responded, “I’ll get you a script for that.” He never even asked me why I thought I was having the issue, or offered up any tips or tricks to help. Just, “here take this.”

It’s frustrating, because I do need the anti-anxiety medication that he gives me. I tried once to stop (which was an epic failure). I just wish that he’d let me come less often so that I could save a little bit (no, actually a lot) of money.

Anyone else have this experience? Should I change providers?


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