The Social Media Blitz

I don’t know what it is today about Social Media that makes everyone so crazy?  Don’t get me wrong, I can see the importance; but, I can’t see the insanity.

Let me elaborate a bit…I just read something online that totally made me stop and think.  A picture was posted on social media that someone else didn’t approve of and suddenly, there’s an all out war; words were said and threats were made- you’d think that the first person kicked the second’s puppy or something.  What ever happened to the old adage where we were all told that if we didn’t have something nice to say then we shouldn’t say anything at all?  When did it become perfectly acceptable to publicly bash someone else (especially if you don’t even really know that person)?

I wish there were someway to take the anonymity out some social media sites so that people wouldn’t be so keen on slamming others.

It reminds me of a few weeks ago when I decided that I would give Periscope a shot.  I was having a particularly boring day and was desperate to find something to write my next magazine article about, so I decided that I’d hop on the Periscope train and see if I could engage in some interesting conversation that might spark my interest.  What was the very first comment that I received?  “Wow! Your fat!” Well firstly, Mr. Troll, if you’re going to insult me you can at least do it with proper grammar!  It’s YOU ARE or YOU’RE; and, thank you very much for that information Captain Obvious; did you really think I hadn’t noticed?  I blocked the stupid moron and ended up in a really interesting conversation with someone from the Dominican. But, you see my point, right?  What a sad life it must be for those who literally just hang around on various social media sites waiting to knock others down.  I mean c’mon people!




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