The Reality of TV

I had a conversation yesterday that made me really think about something.  A lot of us (sometimes myself included) don’t think of celebrities as humans.  We put them on a pedestal and expect them to be “on” all of the time.    Then, what’s worse, we berate them, dislike them, or are completely shocked, to find out that they’ve done something completely normal.

For example,  if you were to be drunk would you make the news?  Would it even be a shock for people to find out?

Then, there’s the pressure that they’re put under constantly by their contracts to maintain their “persona.”  It’s not fair to them, or even to us as fans.  What’s wrong with a man dating?  Why do they need to maintain the “single and ready to mingle” status in order to stay popular?  Are people really not going to like them any more if they’re involved?

This brings me back to the article I wrote a few months ago on managing expectations.  I think a reality check is in order here!  The odds that he’s going to end up with you are EXTREMELY slim.  I would think that people would want the celeb’s they admire to be happy.

No, I’m not a saint; I experienced a twinge of jealousy when I learned that my celeb crush was dating (especially when I found out it was a leggy, blonde model that he was seen snogging while drunk).  Geez, talk about status quo!  Yeah, it came as a shock, and for a minute it stung (because a leggy, blonde model I am not!  Not even a little); but, never, not even for one minute did I want to “unfollow” him on social media, or not watch his show anymore.  I respect his work (on tv and otherwise) and find him hysterical.  That’s why I follow him and watch his stuff.  Not because I’d hoped he’d date me.






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