Jesus Take the Wheel

To say the least, I had a tough week last week.  I found out that I’ll be seeing a bit less of my Godson and his sister; I also found out that my aunt (who is in a convalescent home with MS) is not doing well.  Then, I got sick (nothing significant- double ear infection and a sinus infection), and, to top it all off, I stubbed my toe in my kitchen; which resulted in a lost nail, bleeding and now black and blue with significant pain.  Perhaps the saying is true…bad things do happen in threes (or as it seems is my case, fours).

I heard the Carrie Underwood song (Jesus Take the Wheel) on Saturday afternoon and  it all got me thinking- maybe, just maybe, there is a reason for all the madness?  I’ve always heard the old Christian adage that tells us God will never give us more than he knows we can handle; but, I never really thought too much of it.  I’ve always considered myself to be one with faith, but not religious.  There are far too many Catholic “rules” that I completely disagree with (but that’s another story).

No, I’m not telling you all of this to preach; nor am I mentioning it for sympathy.  I’m telling you because I am (at my core) a teacher and I see this as a “teachable moment.”

Many people would have chalked all of what I said happened this week to coincidence, or perhaps simply bad luck; but, I see it in a completely different light- one that I hadn’t really considered until I heard that song again.  You see, all of this happened just as I started to get down on myself again for my weight.  Yes, I’m making changes, but I began to feel like those changes weren’t enough.  I began to think I needed to do more.  Which, as you can imagine, could be a slippery slope.  These things happened just at the exact time that I needed them to in order to force myself to take a step back and see the big picture.  Which is, plainly stated, that life happens; regardless of whether or not we’re ready for them, changes will come and we have to deal with it.  Then, given that, I’m also reminded that I’ve promised myself that I would maintain a positive attitude, no matter what and try to find the “lesson” in what ever is happening around me.

I know it sounds existential (or perhaps even a bit insane); but, I think maybe God was there at the exact moment that I needed him to be.  For some strange reason, that makes me feel so much better.  I know I’ll survive, and likely come out a little stronger.  It’s gonna take a lot more than a possibly broken toe and a few infections to take me down.  I’m SO much bigger than that!






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