This…is American Idol

The very last episode of American Idol aired this past week.  I’ll admit it, I was upset.  Though I hadn’t really been a HUGE fan these past couple of years, I was still a big fan of the show in general.

In the last few seasons, I just wasn’t into it.  I recorded the episodes and often watched only a few performances before fast forwarding to the end to see who was voted off.  Then, when the finale came, I turn on the TV at the very end just to see who had won.  I don’t know why, but, since Scotty McCreery, none of the contestants really sparked my interest (Even Nick Fradiani who is from my home state- and even relatively close to where I live).

This season though, there were several contestants whose albums I’d definitely buy.  Sonika Vaid, MacKenzie Bourg, Tristan McIntosh, and Dalton Rappatoni, to name a few; but the voice of a young man from Armory, MS really struck a chord with me.  Though his style (for the most part) left something to be desired, his throaty, Justin Timberlake-esque vocals were extraordinary.  That young man, the final American Idol, is Trent Harmon.

I read an article the other day that spoke about what “type” of album that Harmon would make.  Scott Brochetta, head of Big Machine Records, mentioned that they were likely to go the bluesy, country route, a la Timberlake himself doing a country CD.  This news is FANTASTIC to me, because I am a country fan.  If Trent’s performance of  Timberlake’s Drink You Away and Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey are any indication of the awesome, bluesy performances to come, it’s going to be one heck of a CD; and I can’t wait to buy it!

So, on a final note- Thank You American Idol for ending on such a high note!  It feels so good to have loved this TV show again, even if it’s all over.








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