If I Could Go Anywhere…

I’ve often thought about where I might go if I had the ability to just pick up and go anywhere that I wanted.  This is, of course, assuming that money were no option, and that the incredibly long flight wouldn’t scare the bejesus out of me.

Most people might think that I’d go for something tropical or “beachy,” like, I don’t know, any island in the Caribbean; or, maybe even to Disney World in Florida.  They wouldn’t be entirely wrong in that assumption (because I hate cold); but, it’s not-in a perfect world- where I would go.  Given the opportunity to go anywhere, I’d go to London, England.

You have to remember my background, I’m a literati.  I have not one, but two college degrees in literature and writing. So, while, yes, I love all things literature,  I actually specialized in British Renaissance for my Masters.  I’d give almost anything to have the money (and nerve) to sit in on a class at Oxford or go visit The Globe (Shakespeare’s Theater).  I’d also love to see Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace (I’m not sure many people know this, but I wrote my masters thesis on Henry VIII/Elizabeth I). Stratford Upon Avon (where Shakespeare was from), would also be a cool place to visit.  Perhaps some semblance of his house is still there?   Lastly, but certainly not least, I think it would be fantastic to get to see J.K. Rowling and talk to her about how in the world she came up with the phenomena that is Harry Potter.  Go ahead, poo-poo it all you want; but, I think it’s brilliant!

So, if anyone has some magic anti-plane-scariness pills, let me know; trust me, I’d figure out the money situation if I thought I might actually be able to do it.


4 thoughts on “If I Could Go Anywhere…

  1. Stephanie. I understand why you would go to England to see the sights I do not have any degrees and would go too There are pills that would help with the anxiety of the trip. As a older person I beg you not to let fear groves you. Enjoy life.


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