November 22, 1963

I’ve often said that I was born in the wrong decade.  I’ve even been told numerous times that I am an old soul.  Maybe it’s because I’ve spent much of my life with my nose in a book; or, perhaps it’s because I really was born too late.

Last week I wrote a bit about where I’d like to go if I could.  While I would definitely love to go to England, I’d love to time travel even more; especially to the 1960’s- even more specifically, November 22, 1963.  No, I’ve never really been into politics; but, I absolutely love American history, especially when it comes to John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but somewhere in my life I became obsessed with our nation’s 35th president, his wife (Jaqueline Kennedy Onasis), and his children (Caroline and JFK Jr).  I find them all absolutely fascinating.  The whole family seemed just left of “perfect” and that intrigues me.  For some reason, I’ve always seen them as role models, in a sense.  I mean, the name Kennedy has a bit of a curse surrounding and I don’t have a death wish.

For those of you who do not know, November 22, 1963 was a the day that President Kennedy was fatally shot while driving in a motorcade downtown Dallas, TX.  The history books cite Lee Harvey Oswald as the man who shot Kennedy from the book depository window, but there has been endless speculation to the contrary for decades.  Not only would it be fantastic to actually get to see who actually shot him, but also to get a little time with the man himself (Kennedy, not Oswald) to learn a little more about him.  Maybe, just maybe, I could figure out why so many people seem to want his family dead.


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