A lot has been going on in my life lately- not something that I’m going to talk about.  But, now, as I always have, I turn to music for answers and peace.  Having said that, I feel like it’s important to mention that I am an 80’s and 90’s girl at heart.  I grew up listening to the likes of Rod Stewart, The Eagles, The Steve Miller Band, and Kool and the Gang.  As a matter of fact, Kool and the Gang was my very first concert.

One particular song from Kool and the Gang (1984) has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember.  It’s a song called Cherish; and, while it’s intent is for a romantic relationship, there are certain aspects of the song that transfer to many different kinds of love.  I think that’s what is most special about it for me.  No matter how old the song gets, and no matter how I get, the song still means something because love (in any form) is not a notion that changes over time.

“Let’s cherish every moment we have been given; the time is passing by.  I often pray before I lay down, by your side,   that if you receive your calling before I awake, could I make it through the night.”

The events of the past couple of days have given me a new perspective on life; one that I don’t often think about, one that I probably should.  Life is short and we truly need to live each moment as much as we can; before it’s too late.  Life is something that we often forget to truly LIVE.

To all of you out there reading this:  “Cherish the love; cherish the life.” Don’t simply drift through living only to die; remember that there are people in this world who would die for you to live.



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