Dinner Dates

I was searching things to write about for my blog and came across an interesting prompt.  If you could have 3 people over for dinner (dead or alive) who would it be and what would you talk about?

Upon thinking about it, I’ve decided that I’m going to have 3 different dinner parties so that I could speak to each one for a decent period of time!

First, I think I’d have to go with our current president, Barrack Obama.  While, no, I’m not much into politics, I do feel like it would be extremely interesting to get the “state of the union” directly from the proverbial horses mouth.  And, even though I know that he probably doesn’t care what I think, I’d love to give him my two cents on the status of American public education systems.  As a college professor, I’ve seen a dramatic decline recently in the know how of the incoming freshman; horribly, it gets worse every year.

Second, I’d have to go with Edgar Allan Poe, who you all should know is one of my heroes.  I absolutely LOVE his writing.  And, from what I understand, he was not the loner, emo type that we’d all expect him to be; he was apparently “the man’s man-” extremely popular and well loved.  I’d love to speak with him about what drove him to his untimely demise.  Was it purposeful?  Why, when you’re on top of the world, doing what you love, would you end it all?  Even if it was a mistake, how do you put yourself in that situation to begin with?  I’d also love to talk to him about his “process,”  that is one thing that’s always been intriguing to me about him.  How in the world did he come up with that stuff?

Last, I’d go with (and I know some of you will laugh at this) JD Scott.  Go ahead laugh it up, I’m NOT obsessed.  For me, it’s not at all about how good looking he is (BTW not saying he is not good looking, cause he is, it just don’t matter to me).  The guy is a social media genius, so I could learn quite a bit from him.  I want nothing more than to build my “brand” and I’m certain he’s got the tools to help me.  He can also be quite inspiring to those who always sort of feel like the “underdog.”  He gets a lot of flack because of who his brothers are (Jonathan and Drew Scott aka the Property Brothers); people feel that he rides their “coat tails;”but, he doesn’t, he’s gotten to where he is now on his own talent.  I could use a bit of that inspiration and gut.


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