Vacation, sickness, and improvements (Oh my!)

First off, I want to apologize for my absence the past couple of weeks.  As you all know, I’ve been dealing with my mother’s illness (which has proven to be even more difficult than I anticipated).  But, that’s not all.  Last week, I was in Canada on vacation.  My sister and I went to Toronto for a movie premiere staring one JD Scott.  To say I had a blast would be downplaying it, but I’m not sure what word(s) would properly describe it.  It was exactly what I needed during this difficult time in my life and I couldn’t be more thankful to JD for including me.

While we were away, I came down with what I thought was just a cold.  You all know me by now and therefore know that I don’t give up easily.  I took Tylenol Complete both day and night, popped cough drops like candy, gargled with salt water, and had as much fun as I possibly could.  I went to the Dr. upon return to the U.S. and; it turns out, it’s not a cold. It’s a double ear infection and a sinus infection.  Now I have to take these giant horse pills for the next week and suffer at work.  Whatever, it really was worth it.

Anyway, this week I wanted to talk about “improvements.”  More specifically, what is the one thing that I would like to improve about myself.  It’s a very fitting topic because I left my house for work this morning worrying about my dog.  No, I don’t want to stop worrying (I don’t think that’s possible), I want to be more proactive.  I’m worried about him because he’s still not trained and, because of that, it’s becoming more and more difficult to take care of him and my mother on a regular basis.  He has truly become a nuisance and I really don’t think it’ll get better with time.  I need to truly take a step back and make the adjustments necessary to do what’s best for him.  If I want to keep him, I need to figure it all out and find away to do everything.  He needs structure.  Now I just have to figure out how to do it.

Any suggestions?






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