Two weeks ago, I went to Canada for the first time in my life.  I know, laugh if you must; I live only 6 hours away and I’ve never been there!  While there, I learned some pretty investing things.

  1.  There money is worth less than the US.  Though many places take US money; but, at the same value.  In other words, if you spend $20 somewhere and hand them a $20 in US, they’ll take it.  But you have to realize that you’ve actually given them something like $23 because that’s what the difference would be.
  2. There money is really cool!  It’s like a plastic type material, meant to withstand time and abuse.  I accidentally washed some and it remained unharmed!
  3. They also do not have $1 or $2 bills.  Instead, these denominations are in coin form (as are the .25, .10, and .5 cents).  There are no pennies; so, they round up or down when totals include pennies.
  4. Almost everything is in French first, then in English.  So you REALLY have to pay attention.
  5. Speaking of paying attention, everything there is in the metric system.  Meaning kilometers instead of miles, liters instead of gallons, and so on.  So, when you’re driving and you see the speed limit is 80, it doesn’t mean 80 MPH like here; it’s 80 KPH.  And, when buying gas and you see 1.08 for gas, it’s not per gallon, it’s per liter (of which there 4 in a gallon).  Don’t be surprised if you’re driving faster than you should be and spending A LOT on gas.  One “fill-up” for my little car was $46!
  6. They sell their milk in plastic baggies, not jugs.  Apparently you have to buy a pitcher type thing that the milk bags fit in to.  I still don’t see how the milk doesn’t spoil super fast. They also sell water in boxes, not bottles.
  7. They really do say “eh” a lot and everyone really is nice.  A smile will get you much futher there than it does here.
  8. There is traffic EVERYWHERE!  It took me 30-45 minutes to go something like 8 miles (on a regular basis)!
  9. Toronto looks an AWFUL LOT like NYC, except cleaner.  MUCH CLEANER!
  10.  No wonder health care is free!  No matter where you go, you have to pay to park; and, it’s likely going to cost you more to park than whatever it is you’re going to do.  On average, we paid $5 a half hour!

Overall, though, (despite my getting sick) we really had a WONDERFUL time.  I met some really nice people and learned a lot.  I’d go back again, it really was well worth the trip!


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