If I Could Change One Thing…

I was watching TV the other day and I came across one of those talk shows with the “Dr” as the host.  He asked his guest- a girl whom I do not recognize- if she could change one thing about herself, what would it be?  I just about changed the channel when she took a deep breath and said, “honestly, nothing.  I think everything that I am has made me what I am today.”  I, once again, went to change the channel when the “Dr” replied, “That’s rubbish.  No one is 100% happy with themselves.”

This really sat well with me; because, I don’t care who you are, this is true.  While I wouldn’t change any of the mistakes that I’ve made in the past, because they absolutely made me who I am today, I would definitely change my outlook on certain things.

At times, I find myself worrying about stupid things.  Things that I have absolutely no control over.  Like flying.  I hate flying and I’m going to be doing it very soon.  The thought has my stomach in knots.  But, I’m going to do it.  Because if there is one thing that I am it’s determined. Determined to overcome what I have deemed to be my most annoying fear.

Like Gloria Gaynor said, “I will survive!”

Just wish me luck, OK?

Now it’s your turn:  What is the one thing that you’d change about yourself?  Be honest!


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