A-Z on me

I found this on another blog, so I thought I’d give it a shot.  I can already guarantee that I’m going to need a dictionary!

A:  Apathetic (I always worry more about others than I do myself.)

B:  Bookish (I’m not sure if this is actually a word- but I am a book nerd)!

C:  Cook (I love to cook and I do it pretty well!)

D:  Dancer (I used to be a dancer, for 20 years actually)

E:  Educated (I have 2 college degrees and 1 state certification)

F:  Funny (I have quite the reputation for being silly)

G:  Goal-Oriented  (I am always making goals for myself and pushing myself to do more).

H:  Hair (I have A LOT of hair on my head).

I:  Innocent (I always see the best in people)

J:  Jovial  (I’m always laughing and having a good time)

K:  Klutzy (If there is a banana peel on the ground, I’ll slip on it)

L:  Loving (I care very deeply for a lot of people)

M:  Magnanimous (Generous and tolerant)

N:  Nervous (I am, by nature, a worrier)

O: Organized (Everything has a place and a process!)

P: Professor (That’s my job!)

Q: Quixotic (I love that word!)

R: Reality (I’m very grounded and realistic)

S:  Sagittarius (Nov 23)

T: Thanksgiving/Turkey (I was born on Thanksgiving; therefore, I love turkeys!)

U:  Unforgettable (Once you get to know me, I guarantee you’ll never forget me)

V:  Visually Impaired (OK I’m actually almost blind without my glasses).

W: Wise (I’ve been told a time or two that I have an old soul)

X:  Xenodochial (Friendly to everyone; even strangers)

Y:  Youthful (You’re only as old as you feel, right?  I feel like I’m 18!)

Z:  Zaftig (Plump)

Your turn!  Can you get them all?


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