Favorite Recipes

As most of you should know, I love to cook!  Therefore, I’ve been asked on many occasions for some of my favorite recipes.  Given that Fall has just started (and that Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year) I figured we’d start out with the Fall ones.  If this ends up being a popular idea, I’ll do some more.

Just as a fair warning, I like pumpkin, pasta, and soup; A LOT!

  1.  Chicken Mug Pie (Rachael Ray).  Like I said, I love soup and this one tastes just like the insides of a Chicken Pot Pie!
  2. Chicken Tortilla Soup (Trisha Yearwood).   Mexican is my favorite type of cuisine; and, this tastes just like a chicken fajita!
  3. Ricotta Gnocchi (Geoffrey Zakarian).  A classic dish with an Italian twist, ricotta and pancetta. Which, by the way, tastes just like bacon; and, who doesn’t love bacon?!
  4. Pasta with Pumpkin and Sausage (Rachel Ray).  This has pumpkins, sausage, sage and pasta; ’nuff said!
  5. Pumpkin Meatballs with Cinnamon Sage Tomato Sauce (Joy Bauer).  This one is for the healthy side of all of us.  It combines pumpkins with ground turkey and spaghetti squash “spaghetti.”  What could be better?

*All of the recipes are available via the Food Network website.

Now, like usual, it’s your turn.  Comment with one or two of your favorites!


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