Top 5 Distractions

When you’re as busy as I often get, life can be pretty distracting.  I work pretty tirelessly to make sure that I keep things on track; but, even someone as organized as me can get distracted from time to time.  These are my top five distractions!

  1.  The T.V.:  Those who know me know how much I love to watch TV.  There was a point that I was into so many shows that I would actually plan my days around them.  Not any more!  I now watch only a handful of shows at a time.  For the most part, I do not watch anything live; I DVR them for when I have time.  I try to allow myself at least 2 hours a day to watch TV as it helps me unwind.  Of course, there are still days where I want nothing more than to sit on the couch and binge watch HGTV!
  2. Video Games:  I absolutely love video games.  Both the kind on the various gaming systems out there and those available on my phone and iPad.  I’ll admit it, I play a game or two almost every day; but, if I’d let myself, I could play for hours and hours.
  3. My Cell phone:  My name is Stephanie and I am addicted to my iPhone.  There, I said it!  My assistant Ryan is always laughing at me because my phone is almost always making some sort of sound.  More than once he’s mentioned that he’d go nuts having to listen to it all day.  Well, for the most part, it’s work related stuff; but, I do admit I love Twitter and Facebook!  I’m often  poking around to see what others are up to; but know, I rarely comment, like, share, or retweet.  I’m a bit of a stalker that way :).
  4. My Nephew’s/Niece:  There really isn’t much I wouldn’t do for those kids.  Even put off something that I’m supposed to be working on to play trains, school, or Monopoly.  The way I see it, they won’t be kids asking me to play with them forever; I really can’t pass it up!
  5. Cooking:  While I know that eating is a necessary thing to survive, I can VERY easily get lost in my food preparation.  Take yesterday for example, Mom and I cooked for almost 3 hours straight.  While we did make enough food to last a few days, I still could have (and should have) been writing!

I love my work, but I also love my distractions.  It’s really all about balance.  If you’re a planner/organizer like I am, you can accomplish so much in a very small amount of time!  That’s it for this week, y’all!  Comment below: What are your distractions?



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