The gift of yum!

I decided that, this year, I’m going to bake cookies to give as gifts.  Not only will it be a yummy treat for my friends and family, nothing says “I Love You” more than cookies made from scratch (and with love).  It’s also nice to give a gift that you know they’ll love, but is also representative of you.  Since I am (affectionately) known as the cookie monster amongst my family, what better way is there to tie it all together?  Since I can’t be there physically to bake for all of you, here’s what I’m going to make!

I’ve never had these, but they look easy enough to make and delicious to boot!  Ree Drummond- Christmas Cookies.

These are probably one of my favorite kinds of cookie:  Butter…good!  Jam… good!  Seriously, what’s not to like? Food Network- Thumbprint Cookies.

Chocolate…times 3…need I say more?  I do, ok…Bobby Flay! Bobby Flay- Triple Chocolate.

I love lemon and I love short bread cookies, so I don’t see how this could be bad at all.  My only concern is the rosemary; but, what the heck, right? I’m up for trying new things.  Valerie Bertinelli- Rosemary Lemon Shortbread.

These are my ABSOLUTE favorite kind of cookie ever, in the whole world!  Must make several extras for myself!  Russian Tea Cakes.

After these, I’ll probably make some mini carrot cakes (without the pecans) and/or banana cakes (without the coffee frosting) to go with; I’ll then add some Lindt truffles.  Bam! Instant Christmas gift that’s both pretty and delicious!

Sounds good, right?  I hope you enjoy!

From my family to yours….have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!


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