New Year, New Me 2017

This year, like a few before it, I’m launching my “new year, new me” campaign.  I generally pick one or two things about myself that I’m not completely happy about and work hard to change them.

In the past, I’ve tackled some of my fears and how I react to different situations.  I’m not always successful; like with what I want to tackle this year.  I’ve mentioned this one before with no success.  This year, I’m working on self-preservation.

I’ve always had a really rough time saying no to people.  More often than not, I’d sacrifice my own sanity to make someone else happy.  In my mind, that was the meaning of life.  As I grow older, I’ve realized that I was completely wrong.  My life should be exactly that, MINE!

So, I’m going to stop saying yes to everything that everyone else wants and allow myself a chance to breathe every now and then.  I’m really tired of being tired.  I always seem to run myself too thin.

This year, I promise it will stop.  If nothing else, the situation with my mother has made me see that life is really way too short not to keep yourself as happy as you can.

Happy 2017 y’all!  Here’s to hoping that this one is better than the last.


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