A Technologicaly Free Trip?

I recently bought a new calendar. It’s one full of questions from the “Book of Questions.” You know those books that have the profound questions that you’re supposed to think about, then answer (honestly) so that you can learn more about yourself? Well, you all should know by now that I’m all about self-awareness; so, I picked it up thinking that it could work for my blog! Each week, unless I find something else that I need to (or want to) talk about, I’ll post a question, then answer it to my best ability. You all can then comment with your responses.

“If you were thinking about going on a trip in which you would have no internet or email connection for two weeks, would the prospect of being off the grid like this bring you pleasure or anxiety?”

Had I been asked this question a few weeks ago, I think I might have said that the prospect of being so disconnected would make me nervous. Now, after the inauguration of President Trump, I have to say that the idea of no internet or email seems appealing to me.

As many probably already know, I am Twitter and Facebook obsessed. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve come down with a case of FOMO (fear of missing out). But, if I’m honest (as I promised I would be), lately, this nation’s hatred and disapproval of one another is beginning to bother me; and, a vacation from all of that just might be exactly what we all need. I’m not going to go into detail here because I’ve promised myself that my blog will always be politics free. I want nothing more than to foster an environment where people can feel free to voice their opinion without fear of retribution or shame. Given that, all I have to say is we’re not going to change anything divided; we have to stand together.


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