All Hail President Stephanie

“If you ruled the US how would you change things?”

I make a concerted effort not to discuss politics publically. Far too often, I see folks voicing their opinions on Facebook or Twitter and then getting bashed because of it. I’ve read one too many “know your role” mean tweets even to attempt it. So, that said, know that I answer this question in mere jest. It’s for the fun of it people! Don’t hate!

The first thing I would likely do is find a way to “get rid” of internet trolling. There has to be a way where we can punish those who like to hide behind the mask of their computer screen to say things that needn’t be said. I know that it sounds a bit “big brother” like; but, I think it’s necessary.

Next, I’d find a way to eradicate childhood hunger. As a teacher, I’ve seen hungry children far too often. It’s heartbreaking.

Next, I’d tackle the gosh darn tax issue. I live in CT, and the taxes here are ridiculous- I going to end up paying more in taxes for my house than some people pay for their car. Trust me when I tell you, my house IS NOT super fancy in the least. It’s just the nature of CT living.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I have to, HAVE TO, find a better way to deal with student debt. I have 2 degrees and a state certification; I’ll be paying for them until the day I die. Let’s put it this way, I owe almost as much on my student loans as a friend of mine does on his condo. It really shouldn’t be that difficult; otherwise, why go to school? I work like crazy to pay for a bill that I wouldn’t have had I not gone to school to get that job to begin with.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think?


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