Do We Really Have Free Will?

“Is it closer to the truth to say that you chose the lifestyle you now have or to say that your parents chose it for you?”

This question is REALLY interesting to me, because I’ve often struggled withe the whole concept of free will.  Being that I was raised Catholic, I’m supposed to believe that God has a plan for me; or, that I am “here” for a reason.

Then, outside of that, we have our parents.  To a certain extent, of course, they’ve chosen my path for me.  For example, I didn’t choose to live in Naugatuck, CT; I was born here.  Would I be some where else if I could have chosen? I don’t know. I’ve often said that I hate the CT weather, so maybe I wouldn’t have chosen it.  The one thing that I can difinitively say that I got from my parents is the importance of family.  Neither one of my parents are particularly close to their families, so at a young age it was instilled in us that family is first.  We’ve stayed close into adulthood and I’m certain that’s not going to change.  So, I’m still here, in CT,  still hating the weather.

In terms of a career path, I chose my own.  If it were their choice, I would have been a doctor (I wish I were, but that’s a whole different story).  My mother always said that she felt that a teacher was the nobelest of professions; so, a little bit of my decision to do so may have been because of her.  But certainly not forced.

As you all know, I’m chronically single.  My decision alone.  Quite a while ago (after a certain someone broke my heart in a million pieces) I made the decision that I didn’t need a man in my life to be happy.  I decided that my career would bring me happiness; so, I threw all of my energy into it.  Now I’m just so far into my own world I’m not sure I’d remember how to share it with anyone else.  In retrospect, I probably made a mistake by shutting myself out like I did; but, it’s OK.  I’m happy overall, and that’s all that matters.

Thinking about free will puts me in an endless abyss:  my parents, God, my subconscious…who knows which has made the biggest impact?  I guess it’s all in what you believe.  And I, am completely unsure.




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