Dating Generation XY

“If you were to try to find a partner through online dating, how would you describe yourself and the kind of person you’re looking for?”

*Sigh* This is one of the many reasons why I hate online dating. I have no idea how I’m supposed to describe myself in words. It actually makes me nervous to think that what I write makes that much of a difference in how a person sees me. Can a paragraph or two REALLY tell them enough to decide whether or not they want to get to know me? I almost feel like getting to know a person should happen organically.

Maybe it’s because I’m one of those Generation XY folks caught in the middle of baby boomers and millennials; and, therefore, never got around to understanding the power of the internet. Just in case you’re wondering: “XY Cusp, also known as the MTV Generation or Doom Generation, was caught between the end of Generation X and start of Generation Y, mainly living out their childhood through the 80s and teen years in the mid-90s. This generation was influenced by the launch of MTV, the popularization of Web technology circa ’95, segmented musical tastes, the evolution of 80s glam fashions into grunge and the remainder of Generation X, many of whom were older siblings. (1975-1985). –

Anyway, I digress, In terms of what I want, I’m really not picky at all. It’s not like I’m sitting here saying that he needs to be 6’2”, 250lbs doctor. Honestly, I want a man who will love me for me, treat me as an equal, and be faithful. I guess the one arbitrary thing that I’d “ask for” is a non-smoker (my allergies could never handle it). I don’t think that it’s too much to ask for; but according to many of the online dating sites out there, it’s not enough!

Would it help if he were hot? Of course! Would I complain if he were a doctor? NO!

Whatever, I’ll just stay single.


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