If I see him…

“Are there any people you might see on the street and try to pretend you hadn’t seen them?”

Well, the short answer to this question would be:   see blog post from June 26. If you want a more complicated answer, then yes, there are two. While I was raised to forgive and forget, there are two passed relationships that I’d avoid.

The first one is the man I spoke of in my blog on June 26th. I’m not sure I could endure the awkward conversation that would likely stem from that meeting. Also, my guess is that his wife would probably be with him and I have absolutely no interest in seeing her, like ever. Side note: I’m not jealous of her in the slightest; I do believe in destiny, and maybe they were each others; I just have a hard time with the “you can’t talk to her” ultimatum she gave him. It just seems wrong to me.

The second, and likely the most important to this question, is another ex of mine who stole from me. You see, he and I dated at the time when social security numbers and such weren’t as hidden as they are now. Our numbers, birthdays, addresses, and phone numbers were right on our time cards, sitting in the office for everyone to see. He took it upon himself to get all of my information and have a female friend of his open a credit card in my name. She then put him on as an authorized user. He ran up a few grand in debt before I found out about the problem. Thankfully, I had an excellent lawyer and didn’t end up with the responsibility of having to pay it.

So for him, I think I’d likely punch him if I saw him in the street, which could end up with me getting arrested. So it’s probably just best if I never see him again.


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